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Lara Aufranc has been stated as “unclassified” by the journal Folha de São Paulo, due to the richness of genres in her music. Her work was also said to “discuss the essence of the urban life” (Estadão) and that “her voice stands out from the usual timbres of Brazilian Music” (Revista 440Hz). 


To quote the news website G1, “Lara Aufranc is truly a multimedia artist”. Not only a singer-songwriter, Lara is an established film editor, audiobook narrator and painter. She often uses her video making skills to produce and direct music videos. 

Aufranc’s engaging performance on stage has much to do with her dance and acting background, having had dance classes since she was a kid, and then studying Performing Arts in college.


In her 10-year music career Lara has had 3 albums released, and has toured in Brazil, Portugal and Spain with her band. At the moment her songs have been played more than 330.000 in Spotify.

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