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Mara Hope is a Spanish-Brazilian duo formed by Spanish Laura Morote (vocals, violin) and Brazilian Jan Angelim (vocals, banjo, guitar and samplers). The group owes its name to the story of a Spanish ship stranded on the Brazilian coast for more than 30 years. Taking advantage of what they have in common (a classical training), and also what makes them different, they have created a music that is immersed in the Brazilian sound miscegenation but starting from a modern, experimental vision, in which electronics plays an important role. Although they compose their songs in Portuguese, some of them are translated into Spanish and performed by Laura.

In the years 2015 and 2018 Mara Hope made tours that took them to travel more than 6000 kms. through different states of Brazil. Such an immense country undoubtedly has great diversity and cultural richness, something that encouraged the duo to insist on their proposals to approach tradition with a more modern look. Native, African or Portuguese sounds merge with more current rhythms and electronic arrangements to create something new that respects the essence of tradition but at the same time renews it.
In 2016 they released a self-titled album, in 2019 a single in sextet format with musicians from Spain, Brazil, Switzerland and the United States. This year they will return to the production of new singles and albums that will be published and presented in concerts in the Iberian Peninsula, France and Brazil.

Mara Hope

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